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Dialogue Builder:  3.1. Making Suggestions


Table of contents

1. Making suggestions

2. Common expressions

3. Accepting suggestions

4. Refusing suggestions

5. Glossary


“The difficulty lies not so much in

developing new ideas as in

escaping from old once.”

- John Maynard Keynes

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1. Making suggestions



How do you feel about having a new winter style cut?


What a good idea!


Great! Would you like me to wash it first?




This way please. Is the water temperature right for you?


Yes. It’s alright.

No. A bitt colder. / A bit hotter.

(after washing the hair)


Please have a sit here.


Thank you.


How about a simple mid-length cut that's full of body and free of trendy touches works on everyone regardless of age, hair texture or supermodel status.

(show picture)



That’s “Alessandra Ambrosio‘s” winter look.


Sounds great!


Alright then, let’s get started.


2. Common expressions



Why don’t you …

Let’s …

How about …

How do you feel about …

Fancy + gerund …

I’d like + to infinitive …

We could always …

Why not + base infinitive …

(Gerund) Having …

It would be …


3. Accepting suggestions



OK. Yes, let’s …

Yes, I’d like to.

Yes. I’d love to.

What a good idea!

Yes, with pleasure.

Why not?

Yes, I feel like + gerund …

That’s sounds like a good idea.


4. Refusing suggestions



No, let’s not..

No, I’d rather not.

I don’t feel like it.

I dislike + gerund …

What an awful / bad idea!



5. Glossary

C: = Customer (Client)

H: = Hairdresser


I like … (Me gusta)

I’d like … (I would like…) = Me gustaría …

right for you? = ¿Te parece bien la agua?

hotter = más frío

colder = más frío

It’s alright. = Está bien.

Please have a sit here. = Siéntese aquí por favor.

How do you feel about … = ¿Cómo te sientes acerca de tener un nuevo corte, estilo de invierno?

What a good idea. = Qué buena idea.

Why don’t you … = Porque no …

Sounds great! = Suena genial!

How about … = Qué tal sí …

Fancy … = sentir un deseo o gusto por …

We could always … = Siempre podia …

It would be … = Podría ser …

Yes, with pleasure = Si, con placer.

Yes, I feel like … = Sí, me siento como …

That’s sounds like a good idea. = Eso suena como una buena idea.

No, let’s not ... = No, no vamos a …

No I’d rather not … = No, prefiero no.

I don’t feel like it. = No me da la gana.

What an awful/bad idea! = ¡Qué mala idea

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