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Writing:  1.6. The Writing Process


Table of contents

1. Writing skills

Step 1: Brainstorming

Step 2: Organise your ideas

Step 3: Focus on language

Step 4: Write the first draft

Step 5: Revise your writing

Step 6: Write your final draft

2. Writer’s checklist

3. Glossary


“Writing is the painting of voice!”

– Voltair

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1. Writing Skills

Start improving your writing skills, specifically your English writing skills, with easy steps to follow. Try to write a few sentences every day, it will help you tremendously to develop the skills you need for your business.


Step 1: Brainstorming for ideas

Write down all ideas you can think of.

Don’t worry about whether the idea is relevant.

Don’t worry about grammar or spelling.

You can write words or phrases in your language


Step 2: Organise your ideas

Decide which ideas to keep and cross out the others.

Group similar ideas together.

Organise the groups according to a writing plan.


Step 3: Focus on your language

Think of words and expressions you will need in your writing.


Step 4: Organise your ideas

Write your first draft. If you are write by hand, use a pencil. Leave wide margins for notes.

Leave space between lines for additions and corrections.

Write quickly. Don’t worry about neatness or accuracy.

If you can’t think of a word in English, write it in your own language. Look it up in a dictionary later.

If you can’t spell a word, write it any way you can. Then check the word in a dictionary or use a spell checker.


Step 5: Revise your work

Use the Writer’s checklist to improve your work


Step 6: Write a final draft

If you are writing by hand: copy your corrected work neatly onto a clean sheet of paper.

Use a pen and leave a margin on the left-hand side.

Make sure your paragraphs are clearly indicated (e.g. moving the first word of the paragraph to the right).


2. Writer’s Checklist

Use this checklist to control the organization, content and language of your writing.

3. Glossary

P: = Punctuation

C: = Connector


topic = tema

to improve = mejorar

specifically = específicamente (adv)

skill = habilidad, experiencia

tremendously = tremendamente (adv)

to develop = desarrollar

brainstorming = reunión creativa

whether = si

relevant = pertinente, aplicable

to decide = decidir

to keep = mantener

according to = según

to need = necesitar

pencil = lápiz

to leave = quedar

wide = ancho/a

margin = margen, excedente

quickly = rápidamente

neatness = pulcritud

accuracy = exactitude, precision

own = propio

look up = buscar (phrasal verb)

any way = de todas forma/modo

spell checker = corrector ortográfico

neatly = pulcramente (adv)

onto = sobre

clearly = claramente

indicate = indicar

suitable = adecuado





I organized my work according a plan.

My work is interesting and original.

My grammar is correct.

Each paragraph has one topic.

I began with a suitable opening sentence.

My spelling is correct.

My paragraphs are clearly indicated.

I presented my ideas clearly.

My word order is correct.

My ideas in a logical order.

I included only relevant ideas.

My punctuation is correct.

I used suitable connectors to link my ideas.

I supported my ideas with details and examples.

I used capital letters correctly.


I ended with a suitable closing sentence.

I used adjectives correctly.


I used connectors to link my ideas.



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